Pirates Haul

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Pirates Haul


This painting depicts a seascape scene in muted tones, its background a washed-out, cloudy sky with a blurred ship in the distance. The middle ground consists of a pastel-toned rocky bank and sea. In the foreground, four men are docked in a small rowboat: two are wearing red bandanas, two have oars in action, one man is holding a wooden chest. The person that is the closest and the most in focus, presumably their captain, is standing on shore with tools, two guns, and rope at his feet. It would seem that they're preparing to bury treasure for contemporary viewers to find.

About the Artist: Born in Naples, Italy, Arcamonte stated his occupation as that of “decorator” when he immigrated to the US in 1906. That trade seems to have persisted alongside his aspirations as a painter, for many years in New York and then after World War II in Miami, FL. In 1937 his paintings were exhibited at the Opportunity Center, a program connecting artists “to the art collector of modern means and undertakes to produce works to fit special requirements” (New York Evening Post 5 June 1937: 7). 1 painting at Godwin-Ternbach Museum. 2 more images at FAP.


Arcamonte, Humbert, 1883-1967


Federal Art Project




Ritz, Abigail (photography)

VanOstrand, Ravenna (biography)

Cooper, Ken (biography)

Ken Cooper (biographer)


New Deal Gallery, Genesee Valley Council on the Arts

Object #: FA18098


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Original Format

oil on canvas

Physical Dimensions

30 x 24 in.
Condition: canvas dented, surface dirt, canvas torn