Summer Afternoon

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Summer Afternoon


Three boys are deeply absorbed in the work of childhood, in this case perhaps the aquatic life beneath a stream's shimmering surface. Fastovsky's composition encloses the boys, unaware, beneath the arch of a viaduct yet with rolling parkland and trees in the distance. The effect is arcadian; a lack of facial features and even clothing renders the scene a fragile space of timelessness amidst an industrial world. We're beholding not a particular summer afternoon but a mythical one.

About the Artist: Born in Chernobyl, Russia, Fastovsky studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts in Kiev before immigrating to the US in 1913 and becoming a citizen in 1921. He showed his work at Municipal Art Galleries, New York, in 1938. Fastovsky legally changed his name to Isaac Foster in 1946 and by 1955 was living in Tuscon, AZ, showing his paintings at local sites and restoring old canvases. Looking back upon his work for various federal art projects, he estimated that he had created 40-50 paintings during this period: “Someday I’m going to visit various state and federal buildings throughout the country and see if I can locate the pictures. I don’t have any idea where they’re hanging now” (Arizona Daily Star 16 Oct. 1955: 24). 9 more images at FAP.


Fastovsky, Isaac, 1889-1980


Federal Art Project




Ritz, Abigail (photography)

Cooper, Ken (biography)


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Oil painting

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24 x 30 in.
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