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High Falls.jpg
Somewhat idealized view of Rochester's High Falls has cattle grazing peacefully in the foreground of this print. The "Mercury" statue at rear center, however, dates the scene after 1881--which is when the Kimball Tobacco Factory commissioned it. By…

Detailed map of former Erie Canal boomtown reflects its growth into a large city half a century later. Looking north, from Highland Park, we can trace the Genesee River to Lake Ontario. Several features from Rochester's earliest days still are…

Portage Dam 1--medium.jpg
Beginning in 1890, recurring attempts were made to construct a dam in the Genesee River gorge so as to control flooding in the city of Rochester and generate electricity. After failed efforts at Mt. Morris, in 1896 attention turned to a site at…

Hand-colored postcard shows the iconic iron viaduct built in 1875 after a fire destroyed the original wooden bridge earlier that year.

Genesee Gorge Series: No. 23

Hand-colored postcard depicts the Upper Falls of Genese River near Portage. Usually shown with the Erie Railroad bridge, this view focuses upon the falls themselves, looking downstream.

Genesee Gorge Series: No. 22

Focal point of Glen Iris area features Erie Canal viaduct in background. Photograph is notable for the Middle Falls Overlook, visible at the right side of falls, indicating a date prior to 1915.

Genesee Gorge Series: No. 11

Hand-colored postcard shows Genesee River Gorge from Inspiration Point, also featuring at left the Genesee Valley Canal and in the distance the Erie Railroad's Portage viaduct.

Genesee Gorge Series No. 19

Drone photograph views Trappist Monastery, founded in 1951, occupies about a dozen acres on its main grounds.

Lower Fall - No26 - Front.jpeg
Handcolored illustration of The Lower Falls appears on the front of the postcard, accompanied by a message on the back, "I didn't see these flowers but I guess they do grow here."

Letchworth - Postcard - 1.jpeg
A photograph of the gate at Glen Iris estate is accompanied by a map of Western New York roads leading to this destination. Also appearing are the state seal and that of the American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society, the latter suggesting…
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