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Silver Lake Outlet 3.jpg
A close-up of a stone bridge built by the Civilian Conservation Corps crossing the Silver Lake Outlet, Letchworth State Park

Picnic Shelter.jpg
A picnic shelter built by the Civilian Conservation Corps at Letchworth State Park, near the Lower Falls

Stone Wall Lower falls.jpg
A natural rock wall in the canyon of the Lower Falls at Letchworth State Park.

Stone Bench.jpg
This is a detailed view of a wall built alongside a trail by the Civilian Conservation Corps. at Letchworth State Park, near the Lower Falls.

Gibsonville Bridge.jpg
Stone bridge built by Civil Conservation Corps at Letchworth park.

From a vantage point looking westward, we see the town of approximately 3,000 about a century after its first settlers began arriving following the 1797 Big Tree treaty. Incorporated in 1814, Perry initially was an agricultural area that increasingly…

Portage Dam 1--medium.jpg
Beginning in 1890, recurring attempts were made to construct a dam in the Genesee River gorge so as to control flooding in the city of Rochester and generate electricity. After failed efforts at Mt. Morris, in 1896 attention turned to a site at…

Hall--Letchworth Sketch small.jpg
Executive Secretary of the American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society created map immediately following William P. Letchworth's gift of his Glen Iris estate to New York. It reflected "certain new drives designed to give greater accessibility…

Glen Iris Stereoview--full.jpg
From a series of stereoviews entitled "Gems from Genesee River & Wyoming Valley Scenery," image depicts a popular visitor destination even prior to creation of Letchworth State Park.

Screenshot from the popular website shows the location of hidden weatherproof boxes near the Glen Iris area of Letchworth State Park. Different icons signify traditional, multistage, and "puzzle" caches--all of which combine GPS…
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