Timetables for Erie Railroad Station, Caledonia NY

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Timetables for Erie Railroad Station, Caledonia NY


Number 9 on the Burleigh map, the Erie Railroad was one of four different lines passing through or near by the town of Caledonia. At the time of Burleigh's panoramic map (1892) the railroad was in dire financial straights and by the next year would declare bankruptcy for the third time in its history, primarily due to cutthroat competition.

Two images show the early emergence of marketing railway travel. The first, from 1878, is a train timetable of the sort routinely published in local newspapers: three different railroads are listed without differentiation, as a sort of public utility. No railroad advertisements appear in the paper. The second, an 1893 advertisement, retains this basic information but now reminds local travelers that the "Erie Flyer"--the "best and most convenient train to New York"--departs from nearby Avon. The great metropolis is an overnight trip away in Pullman cars, "the finest in the world."


Caledonia Advertiser


1. 1878-07-13
2. 1893-01-19
3. 1893-01-19


Cooper, Ken


1. Caledonia Advertiser, 13 July 1878.
2-3. Caledonia Advertiser, 19 Jan. 1893.
Courtesy of Tom Tryniski / Fulton History


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