J.H. Espie, Groceries & Crockery

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J.H. Espie, Groceries & Crockery


Number 31 on the Burleigh map, this business was owned by John H. Espie, who was born in 1847 on the Espie Homestead southeast of town. Along with his wife Helen, he bought Gallagher's grocery in 1889 and ran a modest business until the store burned down in the devastating fire of February 6, 1891. Just a year later, it was reported that Espie had "built a handsome new brick building and moved into it with a fine line of new and fresh staple groceries" (see second image). Unfortunately he never seemed to recover; his wife died and Espie, who suffered from poor health, sold the building in 1899. He died in Buffalo in 1920. Against all of these commercial struggles there is evidence that he was respected in town, loved music, and was active in the local temperance society--perhaps a happier side to his life.


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1. 1890-05-22
2. 1892-02-25


Cooper, Ken


1. Caledonia Advertiser 22 May 1890
2. Caledonia Advertiser 25 Feb. 1892
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