John Boorman, Wall Paper, Paints, Oils & Artist, Materials

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John Boorman, Wall Paper, Paints, Oils & Artist, Materials


Number 27 on the Burleigh map, Boorman's store was a frequent advertiser for its many services. The enterprise was started by Thomas Boorman, a Scottish immigrant whose trade of painting and wallpaper led him to open a small store. It grew in size under John Boorman (1867-1927), who seems to have expanded its services, at the time of this map focusing upon wallpapering, painting, custom picture frames, and other home decoration. In later years Boorman was a manager for the Bell telephone company and ran a pharmacy with his brother James. It's quite possible that all of these operations (and more) were parts of a single enterprise--local merchants often wore many hats.


Caledonia Advertiser


1. 1894-07-12
2. 1896-12-17


Cooper, Ken


Courtesy of Tom Tryniski / Fulton History.


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