An Apple Orchard Survey of Wayne County, NY

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An Apple Orchard Survey of Wayne County, NY


This item consists of seven photographs selected from an in-depth survey of New York's apple industry, specifically farms in Wayne County. The bulletin was published under the auspices of Cornell University's Department of Horticulture and as such the text and photographs contain mostly technical material. But the text also provides a documentary glimpse of apple growers and their laborers in the early 1900s. Captions to the photos are printed in order:

1. An ideal Baldwin apple-tree for Western New York

2. The usual method of sorting in Orleans county—directly from the table

3. Picking from the table—a slower but more careful method of sorting

4. The old "mother tree" from which all of Mr. Smith's trees were grafted. It bears excellent apples and good crops of them. About 500 trees have been grafted from this tree.

5. A good harvest. Barreled and ready for storing.

6. Hauling to the depot.

7. Shore north of Ontario.


Craig, John
Warren, G. F.
McCourt, W. E.


Cornell University College of Agriculture




Cooper, Ken


John Craig, with G. F. Warren and W. E. McCourt, An Apple Orchard Survey of Wayne County, New York (Cornell University, 1905): 230, 288, 331, 352, 406.

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