Twelve Adirondack Sketches

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Twelve Adirondack Sketches


The publisher Louis Prang was a noted producer of high-end chromoliths, often of original paintings, but he also published smaller and more affordable works. He had learned during the Civil War that souvenir prints of popular generals sold well, and turned to this "album card" format during the 1870s.

Twelve Adirondack Sketches was one such series of 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 cards, sold for perhaps 50 cents. Wilkie depicts the area's scenic mountains, rivers, and lakes; he also renders aspects of its tourist infrastructure and important historical sites. The cards include:

1. Paul Smith Hotel
2. Pulpit Rock, Au-Sable
3. Schroon Lake
4. Lake Champlain
5. Camp Edgar, Lake Saranac
6. Lower Au-Sable Lake
7. Lake Placid
8. Birmingham Fall, Au-Sable Chasm
9. John Brown's Homestead
10. Lower Lake Saranac
11. Fort Ticonderoga
12. Entrance to Round Lake

Source Consulted: Warder H. Cadbury, "The Adirondack Chromolithographs of Robert D. Wilkie," Adirondack Prints and Printmakers: The Call of the Wild, ed. Caroline Masten Welch (Adirondack Museum, 1998): 69-82.


Wilkie, Robert D.


Louis Prang & Company




Cooper, Ken


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