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This partnership between SUNY Geneseo and the New Deal Gallery came together thanks to the collaboration of many people. At the Genesee Valley Council for the Arts, our thanks to Board Chair Rob Doggett and to three supportive Directors during the timespan of this project: Deborah Bump, Mark Calicchia, and Elizabeth Harris. For their research and design expertise, we're grateful to Melissa Moody and Rebecca Lomuto. We also gratefully acknowledge the many past GVCA staff and volunteers who have stewarded this collection of art and whose efforts led to creation of the New Deal Gallery. For her invaluable research and dedication over the years, a special remembrance to Paula M. Henry (1949-2017).

At SUNY Geneseo, Abigail Ritz's research was funded by the Center for Integrative Learning and its James Houston ’80 Ambassador in Innovation; our thanks to Lytton Smith and Joseph Cope. Alla Myzelev, Asst. Professor of Art History, provided a crucial "boot camp" for our working group members.

The Green New Deal was researched and created by OpenValley students during the Spring 2019 semester: Justin Anderson, Jessica Apthorpe, Jay Bang, Kristopher Bangsil, Julia Caldwell, Sydney Cannioto, Sabrina Chan, Paige Closser, Victoria Domon, Elana Evenden, Yadelin Fernandez, Michael Griffin, Madison Jackson, Niamh McCrohan, Ben Michalak, Ricky Noel, Elizabeth Ramsay, Skye Rose, Samantha Schmeer, John Serbalik, Marianna Sheedy, Emily Spina, Alison Stern, Ravenna VanOstrand, and Nicholas Vanamee. The photographer and project assistant was Abigail Ritz. Technical assistance was provided by Leah Root and Corey Ha. OpenValley co-coordinators are Ken Cooper and Elizabeth Argentieri.