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Other NYC Paintings

While Central Park was a popular location for artists involved in the Federal Art's Project, there were other locations in New York City they found pleasing. Interestingly, most of them were  along a river. This is not surprising, however, since artists might flock to a landscape other than buildings and skyscrapers to paint. Most of thse paintings, as seen in the slider below, are along the edge of New York City near the river. One example of a painting near water is by Moses Bank, at Pelham Bay Park #1in the Bronx. Pelham Bay Park was a place where Bank could find his artistic abilities come alive.  Although the actual painting is not of water, Pelham Bay Park is along the water. Naturalistic landscapes were commonly painted by artists in the Federal Art's Project. Pelham Bay Park will be in danger of the rising sea levels due to pollution and global warming. It's quite obvious in this painting that Bank is displaying the greenery and freshness of nature, which will be greatly affected by future flooding.

Bank--Pelham Bay Park #1.jpg

Moses Bank, "Pelham Bay Park #1"

The map slider below displays how Pelham Bay park will be affected by the future floodplains of 2080. It's quite obvious that this land will change due to flooding, and might make this park unavailable for people to walk through or not even accessible. Land changes dramatically due to rising sea levels. The rising sea levels is caused by humanity. As a whole, we are polluting Earth, which causes global warming.

By 2080, New York City will be in a flooding crisis. This crisis is similar to the Dust Bowl that occurred in the mid-west in the 1930s, in that they are caused by humanity. The Dust Bowl was caused by extensive farming combined with severe drought. Due to deep plowing in the Great Plains, all of the grass that kept the soil in place died. This left a loose topsoil that turned to dust and blew away, causing a man-made ecological destruction. If there isn't a major change that decreases the amount of pollution caused by humans, then we will have another man-made ecological destruction in our near future. This could be most detrimental to people in New York City who rely on these parks as a place to escape reality. However, not only are the parks going to be affected by future flooding, but most of New York City will be affected.