New York Central Railroad Station, Caledonia

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New York Central Railroad Station, Caledonia


Number 8 on the Burleigh map, depot originally was located next to William Hamilton's produce business on the east side of North St. Constructed in ca. 1853 along with the Canandaigua & Niagara Falls Railroad, the line was purchased in 1858 by Cornelius Vanderbilt's New York Central as its Canandaigua branch--although popularly dubbed the "Peanut Line" due to its diminutive stature in the sprawling rail empire. In 1916 a new station was built on the west side of North St., where it still is standing today.

In the cutthroat railroad business, Vanderbilt's New York Central was quite aggressive in repackaging its more functional business in freight and passenger service into new, tourism-inspired "Excursions." Here, far-flung locations like Seattle and New England beckon Caledonians along with more familiar attractions like Niagara Falls. It's difficult to judge the success of such marketing; amidst competition from automobiles and consolidation of the rail industry, the Canandaigua branch closed in 1939--and this station along with it.


1. Caledonia Advertiser
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1. 1896-12-17
2. 1909-08-25


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