Drawings of Third Infantry Division, WWII

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Richard Gaige grew up in Binghamton, NY, studied art at Syracuse University, then moved to New York City to pursue an career. Among other things he painted for the Federal Art Project; two of his works are at the New Deal Gallery. A year after enlisting in 1942 Gaige published Me and the Army, a collection of sketches whose faceless but sympathetically rendered soldiers resonated with the shared experience of enlisted men. It's likely he was invited to create this collection of illustrations based upon his earlier work.

In Donald G. Taggart's history of the Third Infantry Division, an illustration appears immediately after the title page for each chapter. The images therefore correspond rougly to the following campaigns:

1. Preparation for War
2. Casablanca
3. North African Interlude
4. Sicily
5. Southern Italy
6. Anzio
7. The Push to Rome
8. Southern France
9. Through the Vosges
10. The Colmar Pocket
11. Germany


Gaige, Richard T[homas] (1907-1992)




Donald G. Taggart, History of the Third Infantry Division In World War II (Infantry Journal Press, 1947)

National Security Internet Archive, via Internet Archive



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