Amie Alden Tunnel Interview

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Amie Alden Tunnel Interview


Interview with the Livingston County Historian concerning her opinion on the actual purpose of the rumored Underground Railroad tunnel on Geneseo's Main Street.


Druse, Kristen





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“What really bothers me about the tunnel incident is the assumption that always exists in terms of history with people forgetting that it’s romanticized. That particular location is especially odd because that particular building on Main Street was a factory (machine shop and lumber business). Believes that the tunnel was a waste tunnel because the factory would have needed this (1858 map- machine shop).

If you were risking life and limb to get to freedom, why would you come to the center of commerce in Livingston County? The village of Geneseo is way up on a hill, the train line was down by Riverside Drive. The river was very treacherous to travel on and was very winding, so it wouldn’t have been the ideal way to move quickly. The canal built connecting the Erie Canal to Olean would have actually been the ideal way to travel as it was far more direct.

Most of the tracks and routes in New York were headed towards Buffalo, as this was easiest and shortest way to get to Buffalo.”