Wellsville Refinery Building 44

IMG_4694 Sinclair Manifesto Building 44 pic.JPG
IMG_4695 Sinclair Manifesto B44 schemG.JPG
IMG_4696 Sinclair Manifesto B44 schem1.JPG
IMG_4697 Sinclair Manifesto B44 schem2.JPG
IMG_4940 Refinery ruins 3.JPG
IMG_4942 Refinery ruins 5.JPG
IMG_4945 Refinery ruins 8.JPG

Dublin Core


Wellsville Refinery Building 44


A photograph and schematics of the operational Compounding and Packaging Building of the Sinclair Refinery Company, accompanied by the building as of November 2015


1955 photograph and schematic layout provided by the Wellsville Public Library, 2015 photography taken by Kevin P. Feeley