Perry Knitting Company News 4.05

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Perry Knitting Company News 4.05


Between 1954 and 1957, the Perry Knitting Company (PK) published a monthly news page in the Perry Herald. Today, probably it would bear a label of “paid content,” although it’s unclear whether the PK was charged advertising rates for the full-page section. As the town’s largest employer, what happened at the mill had consequences and impacted thousands of Perry residents. The Perry Knitting Company News held to a fairly consistent format during its publication. There were photographs and feature stories on employees; promotional pieces on the company’s Nitey Nite line of sleepwear; updates on injuries and days lost at the mill; births, marriages, illnesses and deaths of company employees; and many, many stories about bowling. At top center of each issue was a folksy column written by company president George Traber, Jr., and then beginning late in 1956 his son George Traber 3rd. Given the relative scarcity of archival documents from the PK--not to mention the advanced age of former employees--this collection of 42 issues probably gives us the best insight as to daily life at the mill during the 1950s.


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