Summer in New York State

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Summer in New York State


Published a year after the conclusion of World War II, the tone of this 36-page travel guide to New York is on of making up for lost time. "With motor travel again unlimited," we are told, "New York's 59,000 miles of improved highways beckon the autoist to enjoy the State's attractions from the vantage-point of his own conveyance." Clearly, the automotive age has begun in earnest.

The state is divided into fifteen regional "Vacationlands," including the Genesee Valley and Finger Lakes. There are thematic sections highlighting activities for seemingly any taste: Fishing, Swimming, Hiking, Camping, Motoring, Historic Shrines... even Flowers and Geology make an appearance. It's an intriguing glimpse into the early trajectory of postwar tourism, which still is relatively outdoors-centered in its emphasis.


Writer, Herbert


Bureau of Information, Division of State Publicity, New York State Department of Commerce




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