U.S. Showing New York Central Lines

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U.S. Showing New York Central Lines


By the time of this map a bitter consolidation battle among smaller rail lines had resulted in the creation of New York Central in 1853. Then, under the leadership of aggressive presidents Erastus Corning and Cornelius Vanderbilt, NYC expanded into a regional network encompassing the northeast and Great Lakes Region. It operated more than 11,000 miles of road by this point.

The map here shows the various lines and draws attention to its so-called "water route": mostly level grades following rivers and lakes that e nabled the company to design its engines for speed. The Twentieth-Century Limited, which traveled between New York and Chicago, was perhaps its best known line. The map highlights the Appalachian Mountain range its competitors had to navigate in bright yellow--a nice bit of trolling. As with other railroads NYC's fortunes declined after World War II and the rise of highways. It pursued protective mergers with other failing railroads, was absorbed by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1976, and finally ended up park of the CSX / Amtrak system.


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