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June Bouquet


Luminous still life is not so much about the objects arranged here but how the light plays off them. In a cobolt-blue vase decorated with a rose pattern, we see a bouquet of roses at their peak of beauty and nearly glowing in the soft light. As a traditional symbol of fleeting beauty, however, we may notice a slightly drooping one at right that appears to be casting a shadow upon the wall. Mira’s colors for the table and wall aren’t strictly naturalistic; they’re chosen to coordinate with the tones of his June roses.

About the Artist: Born in Italy, Mira immigrated to the US in 1904. He attended the Art Students League, the Beaux Arts School, and the National Academy of Design, where he studied with Ivan Olinsky; his works were exhibited at several Corcoran Museum biennials. As a young man of twenty-two, Mira and a fellow artist named Joseph Perna planned to hitchhike across the United States, painting pictures as they went. They paused in Gettysburg, PA, to paint several battlefield landscapes (Gettysburg Times 10 June 1922: 2), and then Mira was invited by one driver to paint a portrait of his parents in Detroit. “After a few months,” Mira recollected, “I became so absorbed in my work that I had completely forgotten about California. By this time my companion had become homesick and he induced me to return with him.” Returning to New York, Mira was best known for his cityscapes of lower Manhattan and capturing “the way busy people see it...None of those breath-taking shots cameramen contrive of towers and infinity, which no New Yorker sees in actuality” (Los Angeles Times 31 Jan. 1943: 35). 18 more images at The Athenaeum. 2 more images at FAP.


Mira, Alfred S., 1900-1981


Federal Art Project




Ritz, Abigail (photography)

Cooper, Ken (biography)


New Deal Gallery, Genesee Valley Council on the Arts

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Oil painting

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16 x 20 in.
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