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SarkadiLeo - Chinese Jar.JPG
A striking composition is achieved with very few objects: the painting’s eponymous vase, a few flowers and blooming limbs, a goldfish bowl, and two paintings. Carefully outlined shapes play against a scattering of colors applied thickly—even…

Pandoflini - Paper Bouquet.jpg
The pleasing daisies in a vase at center may give this painting its name, so artfully have they been created and arranged. If so, their status as humble field flowers plays against the ornate, patterned background and checkerboard table. Beautifully…

KadowakiRoy - Flower Arrangement.JPG
This enigmatic watercolor is organized around the small figurine at left, probably a mythical Japanese fox-spirit called kitsune. Their intelligence and shape-shifting ability renders them an ambiguous omen: perhaps as shapeshifting tricksters,…
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