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Silver Lake Outlet 3.jpg
A close-up of a stone bridge built by the Civilian Conservation Corps crossing the Silver Lake Outlet, Letchworth State Park

Celebrating its 75th year of operation, the largest employer invited Perry townspeople for a two-hour tour of its facilities, during which 1,000 employers were at work to demonstrate the machines. There were refreshments and live flamingos. This…

Mill no 1 from East Side of Outlet.jpg
This photograph dates to a time after construction of Mill #3 and its smokestack (which is visible at the right side of photograph). From across the Silver Lake Outlet we see Mill #1 and the smaller Mill #2 that was added on. In its distinctive way,…

Old Well--front.jpg
Early 20th-century postcard shows a well at what appears to be the Pioneer Log Cabin, built in 1872 to commemorate early settlers in Wyoming County.

Addressed to Wm. Miller of Highlandstown, MD, its inscription reads: "A place where I have spent…

Located along the Silver Lake Outlet near the town of Perry, NY, this photograph of early milling operation shows seven people posing--two of them young boys. A caption on reverse side reads: "Silver Lake Mills--before being steam powered. George…

Dozens of women create what are probably items of Nitey-Nite sleepwear at the Perry Knitting Co.

We look down upon the factory located alongside Silver Lake Outlet. Mill No. 1 is next to the smokestack, with Mill No. alongside. In the near foreground, on Elm Street, are Mills No. 4 and 5 (which later burned down in 1970). Behind them is the…

From the annotated description reads: "Print showing the Perry Knitting Mill taken by the new metal bridge on Walnut Street, made from an original glass plate, probably about 1910." The iron span was constructed in 1902 by the Owego Bridge Company,…

From the annotated description: "Print showing the Perry Knitting Mill that Clark notes as being Mill # 1, water powered, date taken unknown."

The building in the background, Cataract Custom Mill, was located just downstream from Mill #1 and…

The Clark Rice Photography Annotation states, "Outlet under Main St., probably about 1910." This outlet is located on Main St. right next to The Perry Knitting Co.
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