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Homesteading in the Oklahoma Territory and separated from his Springwater, NY family, Peabody sat for this photograph taken on December 29, 1894. He would have been 64 years old.

Dawn of the Century.jpg
Cover artwork shows allegorical woman holding a standard identifying her as "XXth Century". She has an electric light bulb atop her head and stands on a winged wheel, representing Progress. Around her are examples of modern technology and invention,…

Western Electric Switchboard.jpg
In order to handle increasing numbers of telephone calls, switchboards like this model from the 1880s employed operators to make connections between the parties. (Click on the image for diagrams illustrating the difference between single-line wires…

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Held in Buffalo, NY, the wonders of Niagara Falls electricity were shown via 240,000 lightbulbs

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T.S. Baldwin's "Practical Telephone Hand Book" was one of many introducing the new technology to Americans

1872 Oklahoma Survey.jpeg
Showing the township designated 014.0N - 003.0W, this map of "Indian country" prepared the way for white settlement of tribal lands. The 160 acres claimed by Sheffield Peabody is at the upper right of the map.

Sheffield's journey home.JPG
This map was made to show the approximate route that Sheffield Peabody traveled in 1889 to Oklahoma territory.

Records of wages paid by Peabody for help on his farm

OK Survey 1872--Sheffield Peabody.jpg
One of many other "Eighty-Niners" or "Sooners" who were part of the land rush to formerly Native American territories, Peabody had to live on this location long enough to establish a claim. It was granted on 4 June 1895.

Peabody gravestone.jpg
Family plot located at Evergreen Cemetery, Springwater NY. On the back side of Peabody's monument is verse adapted from Thomas Jefferson's deathbed letter to his daughter, Martha Jefferson Randolph: "Farewell my dear family adieu / The last pangs of…
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