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8 x 10 picture of the lunch room at the Perry Knitting Company. Clark notes it as a cafeteria, probably taken with flash powder as this time preceded the use of flash bulbs.

Picture showing one of the many machines that I could have been used in dying the yarn prior to the material being manufactured by the Perry Knitting Company.

Picture depicts the machinery used in the manufacturing of cloth at the Perry Knitting Co. Pictures could have also been take after the decision to close Perry Knitting Company was reached. Clark was hired to take pictures of the equipment that was…

Women and men eating lunch at the Perry Knitting Company cafeteria, which was located on the second floor of the Main Office building. The photograph appears to have been taken in natural light, leading to some slight blurring of the people. The mill…

These machines were utilized to put the thread on bobbins at the Perry Knitting Company.

Exterior print of the Perry Knitting Company located in Mt. Morris, N.Y. noted on the reverse of the print, closing in 1969.

A print of the Perry Knitting Company, taken about 1910, showing the power plant and the mills.

8 x 10 print of the old power plant at the Perry Knitting Company from the Walnut Street Bridge, apparently taken about 1949.

Kate Pidgeon was a secretary in the mill offices for many years. This is when they had a party for her birthday and Father Sexton, the priest of the Church where Kate attended, was also there. I am not sure whether this was taken at the mill or…

Aerial print of the Perry Knitting Company without any of the airbrushing the other prints of a similar nature contain. Taken around 1949.
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