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Silver Lake Mills, owned by George Tomlinson, about 1900.

Beneath the awning of the mill, five men and two boys—one on bicycle—stand in the shade. One man is dressed in a suit and carries a cane.

On the back of the photo: "Silver Lake Mills -…

Located along the Silver Lake Outlet near the town of Perry, NY, this photograph of early milling operation shows seven people posing--two of them young boys. A caption on reverse side reads: "Silver Lake Mills--before being steam powered. George…

Silver Lake Ice Co.png
According to the annotation on the back of this photograph, this is probably a rebuilt "Silver Lake Ice House -- Burned May 1892. Replaced by another which was torn down in 1925. North East shore of Silver Lake -- North of Perry Water Works on site…

5333 cropped.jpg
Water intake on the Silver Lake Creek. Clark took this to show the debris that was in the creek. There is a lot of wood from structures washed up on the shore.

This photograph almost certainly was taken at the same time as Item #5323, showing women at work in the sewing section of PKC. Here, we have moved toward the back of the room and see different employees and a closer look at the machinist (?) in…

Perry Knitting Company in the sewing room after the new lighting was put into place.

This is a photograph of the sewing room at the Perry Knitting company on Water Street. The year was said to be around 1960. In the photograph there are rows of workers working on the fabrics.

From the annotated description: "The Sedam operation at the former Perry Knitting Company site, probably about 1989." Sedam Tire is a company still providing service for vehicles and agricultural equipment, albeit not at this site.

This postcard is in poor condition but offers a distinctive view on the Seaming Room and its many employees.

Soda pops in hand, a group of students appear to be engrossed in some sort of game or attraction designed for them. As the Perry Herald explained, “Schools of the area have been invited to visit the plant in groups and the Perry schools have…
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