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The Rice Collection annotation reads: "Vernon Saunders and Howard Sanford look over another procedure during the P.K. Open House..." The two men were teachers at the Perry Central School.

From the Rice Collection annotations: "One of the superintendents of the Perry Knitting Company, but I am not sure who he was."

This photograph probably was shot on spec by Clark Rice for the the Perry Knitting Company's advertising campaign. It's not know whether it was ever published. This item consists of two files: the original photograph, and a cropped version that has…

Mililitary Contracts 1961.jpg
The Perry Knitting Co. provided clothing and under for the US military during World Wars I and II. Those contributions had earned the factory special exemptions (on electricity rationing, for example) and draft deferments for many employees due to…

According to the Rice Collection annotation, we're looking at "Children from school who had been invited to the Open House at the Perry Knitting Company in 1954." It appears that at least one of the adults listening may be a schoolteacher.


5350 cropped.jpg
Interior view of the spinning room at the Perry Knitting Company. These machines spool the fabric that workers use to sew.

The Rice Collection annotation describes this as "Part of the spinning process at the Perry Knitting Company," where we see four visitors pause to look while a factory worker stands by.

Snow Storm in Perry
A man faces the storm walking down the street in Perry, NY.

A man and woman pose in front Decker’s Ice Cream. There are advertisements in the windows for products and foods.

The Clark Rice Photography Annotation states, "Outlet under Main St., probably about 1910." This outlet is located on Main St. right next to The Perry Knitting Co.
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