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PKC Diagram--small.jpg
An apparent copy of an extremely detailed map for the purposes of fire insurance, this diagram contains several important kinds of information. It supplies us with the names of different buildings, and the date they were constructed. It tells us…

This appears to be a notarized copy of a letter by Perry Knitting Co. President George M. Trabor,Sr. on behalf of an employee named Albert Torrey. Torrey is identified as the chief engineer and electrician of the plant, and Trabor is arguing for a…

5324 cropped.jpg
Two men are standing at the dying/washing station at the Perry Knitting Company. Steam was the main source of power. The Perry Knitting Company used 130,000 gallons of filtered water daily to wash a dye clothes.

The Rice Collection annotation reads: "Mrs. Charles Torrey, a teacher at Perry Elementary School, looks over part of the process during the Perry Knitting Mill Open House in 1954."

It appears that the machines are sanders of some kind. Mrs. Torrey…

Boy and girl are posed, with a scene-stealing dog, wearing Nitey Nite pajamas for promotional photo whose proposed tagline is inked on print.

Clark Rice writes: "Another Nitey-Nite pajama picture. Not all these prints would have been used in their…

An advertisement explaining the characteristics of a new fabric. It is the best summer knit fabric yet especially because it is light weight and airy.

This photograph depicts the Perry Knitting Company during a fire on January 17th, 1978, later revealed to have been started by arson to collect insurance money. The fire is raging in this photograph and the smoke is beginning to cloud the entire…

This is another close up shot of the fire at the Perry Knitting Company on January 17th in 1978.

This is another photograph that is showing an overnight fire at the Perry Knitting Company in 1978, perhaps towards dawn. This picture is taken from a different angle and shows more smoke filling the atmosphere than fire. We can see skeletons of…

Sanborn 1884.jpg
Sanborn Map Company created extremely detailed renderings (1:600 scale) for the purposes of fire insurance underwriters. Important details like building use, construction materials, water supplies, power plant, sprinkler systems, and more enabled…
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