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This is a short overview on the history of the Perry Knitting Company, during a period of rapid expansion between 1896 and 1916. There are three pages: 1) situating the mill alongside others of its time, like the Tempest Knitting Company and Robeson…

Working in the washing room of the Perry Knitting Company, probably about 1950.

Perry Knitting Company and the release time. This picture includes Water Street.

Seven workers in the Perry Knitting Company are taking a break. They are surrounded by packing supplies and they are using a Prosperity steam press.

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Perry Knitting Company and the women walking home from work.

From the Rice collection annotation: "Women working in the sewing section of the Perry Knitting Company. First woman in the picture is Janice Vosburg. Male supervisors walk around quality checking and checking quantities." This photograph almost…

Dozens of women create what are probably items of Nitey-Nite sleepwear at the Perry Knitting Co.

The Clark Rice Photography Annotation states "Second print was taken by Clark Rice of the winter in Perry on Main Street, 1950." Main street in Perry on a winter day.

From the annotated description reads: "Print showing the Perry Knitting Mill taken by the new metal bridge on Walnut Street, made from an original glass plate, probably about 1910." The iron span was constructed in 1902 by the Owego Bridge Company,…

The Rice Collection annotation reads: "Another part of the operation of the Nitey Nite line in the Mill, Open House, 1954."

This date probably is wrong, since there is no mention of a PKC open house in the newspapers that year. On May 27, 1953 the…
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