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Banquet 1911--front.jpg
Pictured are officers and foremen attending the first of what was intended to be an annual banquet celebrating PKC's successful operation. We know there was an even more lavish event in 1912; after that, documentation is scarce.

In addition to the…

Banquet 1912--front.jpg
The second annual gathering of this type, company managers and foreman celebrate business success and amity. A program printed for the occasion offers some of the main themes, each followed by a toast: Management - Prosperity of Perry - Harmony of…

50 Year Employees.jpg
Photograph commemorates a dinner honoring a dozen long-time employees at the PKC. Their lengthy working life is notable both for its stamina--several of the jobs were physically taxing--and that it was all for the same employer.A typed annotation on…

We look down upon the factory located alongside Silver Lake Outlet. Mill No. 1 is next to the smokestack, with Mill No. alongside. In the near foreground, on Elm Street, are Mills No. 4 and 5 (which later burned down in 1970). Behind them is the…

The Rice Collection annotation reads: "Aerial view of Perry with Silver Lake in the background, probably taken in 1953 to 1955. Perry Knitting Company is still intact. The new high school has been built . This was taken for a Chamber of Commerce big…

This photograph suggests how nearby the PKC operation was to residential housing and to surrounding agricultural fields. We see the smokestack of its power plant next to the Walnut St. bridge.

Borden Ave Bridge@2x.jpg
Rice Collection annotation reads: "Completion of the Borden Avenue bridge and opening up the new section of Perry. Notable are the signs for the Perry Herald and News and the public bathrooms, 1895."

Two men are bringing the balled cotton into the Perry Knitting Company. One drives the forklift and one guides him.

Building of the bridge on Walnut Street, 1908-1910.
The pre-fabrication of a bridge leads across a ravine to the Perry Knitting Mill. Building equipment is scattered around the base of the unfinished bridge.
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