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The Perry Landfill known as Mt. Trashmore, taken about 1989. Clark was photographing the debris that was on Ken McBride’s land, he had been hired by them to do that. When he walked up on the side of the fence by McBride’s land, he was challenged by…

Railroad siding from Federal Street showing the Perry Salt Works, 1910
A railroad siding emerges from the Perry Salt Works, and almost bisects a stretch of railroad track coming from a different part of the Salt Works.

New Archway Cookie Factory building, probably about 1955. A color photo shows the white single-story building with a few cars parked outside. A truck—cut off in the photo—has an ‘archway’ logo on it.

Photograph shows early construction of what became known as the Bob Brooks Building, who was a Perry contractor. On the Brigham farm, strip mall development in the 1950s transformed North Center St. The Perry Knitting Co. rented the building starting…

1196--Parade of Churches, St. Stanislaus.jpg
Parade of the churches in Perry, probably about 1911. Subscript: St. Stanislaus. A procession of men and women clad in church and band uniforms. There’s a banner depicting religious iconography near the front, and behind it there’s a band. The…

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Airbrushed Print of the holdings of the Perry Knitting Company. Taken from the air.

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Model showing the good parts of the Nite-Nites made by the Perry Knitting Company. Ten ways the sleepers are better.

According to the "Perry Knitting Company News," an recurring feature in the Perry Herald, this is Stanley "Steve" Slusarczyk, a foreman in the yarn mill. At the time of this photograph he had worked at the company 48 years (Perry Herald 31 Mar. 1955:…

Photographic reproduction of a postcard showing PKC from the Walnut St. bridge. At right we see Mill #1, and to its left the power plant and smokestack. At left we see what is probably Mill #4 (built in 1900), before an additional Mill #5 was…

Two men are bringing the balled cotton into the Perry Knitting Company. One drives the forklift and one guides him.
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