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Perry Knitting Company when the new lighting was put into position

From the Rice Collection annotations: "One of the superintendents of the Perry Knitting Company, but I am not sure who he was."

Working in the washing room of the Perry Knitting Company, probably about 1950.

Perry Knitting Company in the sewing room, prior to the new lighting.

Mill #1 and Sillver Lake Outlet.jpg
This early photograph of the Perry Knitting Co. is roughly contemporary to another OpenValley document, although here the absence of tree leaves allows for clearer viewing of Mill #1. In the foreground are the PKC's dam and water wheel. The…

Mililitary Contracts 1961.jpg
The Perry Knitting Co. provided clothing and under for the US military during World Wars I and II. Those contributions had earned the factory special exemptions (on electricity rationing, for example) and draft deferments for many employees due to…

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Ice sign that showed what the customer would like to have delivered. The blocks were charged at a different rate. This folder contains an article and other prints of the natural ice crop.

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Ice cutting on Silver Lake. I believe this was taken by Clark about 1935.

Loyalty Parade 1.jpg
The four photographs here partially document a tense confrontation, during 1937, between the Perry Knitting Co. management and the Textile Workers Organizing Committee of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO). Like any other factory, worker…

Kiwanis doings with a picture of Frank Rozanski, William Rychlik, Frank Godlewski and Bill Hamilton, about 1960
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