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From a vantage point looking westward, we see the town of approximately 3,000 about a century after its first settlers began arriving following the 1797 Big Tree treaty. Incorporated in 1814, Perry initially was an agricultural area that increasingly…

PKC Diagram--small.jpg
An apparent copy of an extremely detailed map for the purposes of fire insurance, this diagram contains several important kinds of information. It supplies us with the names of different buildings, and the date they were constructed. It tells us…

Although the content of this letter is of historical interest--a letter to Hon. F. P. Stevens--it's included here for its somewhat idealized representation of the Perry Knitting Co.

At the time company officers are: M.H. Olin, President; W.H.…

Global material flows .png
This graphic illustrates the product life cycle of the global clothing economy. It appears in a report created for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, A New Textiles Economy: Redesigning Fashion's Future. Among the report's important points: virtually no…

This photo is taken by M. M. Crocker of the village of Perry from up on a hill. The Rice Collection annotation dates it to about 1875, referring us to Crocker’s notation on back of print: "View of Perry from the hill South Eastern part of the village…

According to the Rice Collection annotation, this is a Philip Mayer photograph of the main street of Perry. This photograph was taken during the Christmas season during nightfall; holiday lights are strung over Main Street.

Celebrating its 75th year of operation, the largest employer invited Perry townspeople for a two-hour tour of its facilities, during which 1,000 employers were at work to demonstrate the machines. There were refreshments and live flamingos. This…

This photograph, taken by Clark Rice, is a bit surreal. It shows a display created for windows of the Rockwell-Perry department store, located at the corner of Main St. and Borden Ave. The theme was "Nitey Nite Songbirds" and was promoted in the…

This image is of a young Perry resident photographed by Clark Rice for prospective use in a Nitey Nite catalog. Children were given copies of the prints and were also given the pajamas they were wearing.

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Water intake on the Silver Lake Creek. Clark took this to show the debris that was in the creek. There is a lot of wood from structures washed up on the shore.
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