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USS DeKalb.jpg
Launched in 1904 as the Prinz Eitel Friedrich for a German cruise line, ship eventually was impounded by the U.S. during World War I, refitted as a troop transport ship, and re-launched as the DeKalb in 1917. After Armistice it was operated by an…

Mackay--Disruptive Coloration.jpg
One of the earliest proponents of adapting land-based camouflage to military naval craft was William A. Mackay, whose "disruptive coloration" or "low visibility dazzle" system is pictured here. Later it was used to re-paint the troop transport US…

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Gaige 002.jpg
Richard Gaige grew up in Binghamton, NY, studied art at Syracuse University, then moved to New York City to pursue an career. Among other things he painted for the Federal Art Project; two of his works are at the New Deal Gallery. A year after…

Bena Frank & Ralph Mayer ca 1935.jpg

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