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Although used only for six months as a cantonment during WWI, this base in Plattsburgh, NY had a history dating back to the War of 1812 and continued to serve as an innovative Reserve Officer Training Corps.

YWCA Hostess Houses, usually located…

Located near Macon, GA this mobilization was built in 1917 and quickly reached its peak of 29,000 National Guard and other inductees for training. It was closed in 1919, then re-opened for a period during WWII.

YWCA Hostess Houses, usually located…

An airfield prior to WWI, the US Army Air Service expanded operations at this location near Mineola, NY upon declaration of war in 1917. With the arrival of railroad infrastructure the adjacent Camp Mills was built as an embarkation camp--mobilizing…

Establishment of a Marine Base at Quantico, VA officially dates to 1917 and declaration of war in Europe, although military leaders had been eying the site for some time. Thousands of Marines were--and still are--trained for duty here.


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Located near Annapolis Junction, MD this was one of the larger cantonments on the east coast, some 400,000 volunteers and draftees passing through en route to WWI in Europe. The stark, regimented conditions facing new arrivals helps to explain the…
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