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One of photographer Arthur Rothstein's famous series of photographs chronicling the Dust Bowl. This item has a full-size file, and one cropped for use in a Juxtapose JS application used in the OpenValley exhibit Green New Deal: Conservation.

Wolcott--Day Laborers.jpg

Cotton Harvesters.jpg

Elba Farm Labor Camp 1.jpg
In 1942, amid World War II labor shortages, the Farm Security Administration (FSA) constructed a labor camp located near the town of Elba, NY. It was one of many across the country whose purpose was to facilitate the harvest of valuable crops. These…

Notaro Farm--Jamaican Workers.jpg
During World War II American farmers had severe difficulties when it came to labor, especially during the harvest season, so the Farm Security Administration (FSA) authorized the creation of farm labor camps. One in Erie County was located just…
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