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From a series titled "View on the Line of Erie Railway," this early photograph of Middle Falls shows the environmental effects of a sawmill located there. After purchasing this tract of land in 1859, William Pryor Letchworth began a long program of…

VoicesGlen_0004 (1).jpg
Illustration from anthology of poems entitled "Voices of the Glen" shows William P. Letchworth's Glen Iris estate with Upper Falls and Erie railroad viaduct in background

Famous Erie Railroad viaduct over Upper Falls at Portage, located in present-day Letchworth State Park, accompanied W. S. Ward's essay "The Valley of the Genesee."

Erie RR Diagram--small.jpg
According to its caption, "Representing a plan of organization exhibiting the division of administrative duties, and showing the number and class of [employees], engaged in each department."
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