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Alida K. Fitzhugh chronicles her time during the historic Genesee Valley Hunt from the fall of 1891-1893. She talks about multiple taverns, trails, and scenic locations in the valley and her positive experiences as she rode horses, jumped fences, and…

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Jennie Mather was a resident of nearby Livonia in 1867. Her voice gives us the perspective of a woman whose life was filled with “visits” to Geneseo. Through her retellings, we see Geneseo as a place of adventure, festivals, and family centered…

Records of wages paid by Peabody for help on his farm

Sheffield Peabody was a farmer who chronicled his life in Springwater, NY between 1849 and 1914. In many ways his life was typical of his peers: he struggled to make a living at a time when American agriculture favored railroads, food processors, and…

Maude Wiard was a student of the Geneseo Normal School in 1908. Eccentric and silly, her diary of “Commencement Activities” from Geneseo takes us through the lifestyle of a junior student with her friends before Geneseo became a State University.
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