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From the Rice Collection annotation: "8 x 10 black and white photograph inside the Perry Knitting Company showing the cutting machine and two women who ran it, about 1960, one of the women is Mrs. Kwiecien."A fuller story is given in the "Perry…

Cutters 1897--front.jpg
This striking photograph captures a moment in time when cutting textile patterns was in transformation from a skilled to a semi-skilled operation. Given all of machinery at the Perry Knitting Co., perhaps there's a statement being made via the pile…

Roughly thirty people, men and women, pictured by machinery in the cutting room. There are piles of white fabric and some sort of pulley apparatus on the ceiling. Storage shelves in the back of the picture are also filled with bolts of fabric.

A different print of the same cutting room at the Perry Knitting Co. Unknown whether this photo pre- or post- dates the image of the cutting room from 1910, but similar machinery and room structure can be seen in both photos. Again, about thirty men…

Interior of the Perry Knitting Co., likely the cutting room. Mostly men are standing before the machines, which have knitted rolls wound into them. The two men in front have their attached shears raised, ready to cut the fabric. Additional knitted…
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