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Banquet 1911--front.jpg
Pictured are officers and foremen attending the first of what was intended to be an annual banquet celebrating PKC's successful operation. We know there was an even more lavish event in 1912; after that, documentation is scarce.

In addition to the…

Banquet 1912--front.jpg
The second annual gathering of this type, company managers and foreman celebrate business success and amity. A program printed for the occasion offers some of the main themes, each followed by a toast: Management - Prosperity of Perry - Harmony of…

Banquet 1912 cover.jpg
This program of events was given to the "Managers, Superintendents, Foremen, and Assistants of the Perry Knitting Company" attending its Second Annual Banquet. It's of historical interest because it shows the firm's organization and the men heading…
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