Winter Night

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Winter Night


This painting depicts a snowy mountainside. Tall, dark trees contrast the lighter highlights of the snow around them. In the distance, two mountain peaks are visible against the skyline. The trees progressively grow smaller in the distance, creating an element of perspective that makes the mountains tower over the foreground. The silhouettes of birds are seen flying over the ground, creating one source of movement in an otherwise completely still winter landscape.

About the Artist: Born in Vienna, Austria, Widlizka (also Widliczka and Widlicka) studied with Joseph-Eugen Hörwarter in that city and then Nikolaus Gyzis in Munich. He was influenced by the art circles surrounding Franz von Lenbach and Hermann von Kaulbach. Returning to Vienna, Widlizka was among those artists of the so-called “Vienna Secession” who resigned from the more mainstream Association of Austrian Artists. During World War I he worked for the War Press Office, later registering the consequences of that conflict in his painting “Family Fate, 1918.” Widlizka immigrated to the United States in 1922 with his father and mother. He appears to have been comfortable with a range of subject matter: urban cityscapes, natural landscapes, and portraits. 7 more images at FAP.

Source Consulted: Wikipedia Germany.


Widlizka, Leopold, 1870-1940


Federal Art Project




Ritz, Abigail (photography)

Bangsil, Kristopher (biography)

Cooper, Ken (biography)


New Deal Gallery, Genesee Valley Council on the Arts

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Oil painting

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19.5 x 15.5 in.
Condition: stained, surface dirt