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KadowakiRoy - Flower Arrangement.JPG
This enigmatic watercolor is organized around the small figurine at left, probably a mythical Japanese fox-spirit called kitsune. Their intelligence and shape-shifting ability renders them an ambiguous omen: perhaps as shapeshifting tricksters,…

GuyJames--100 Years Pass.jpg
A neoclassical mansion, accessorized by ancestral family tree, looms over a woman wearing a long dress at lower left. Upon closer viewing the coherence of this scene breaks down; she's carrying an axe in her left hand, a la Lizzie Borden, along with…

We see a steamboat on a river, its importance shown via a stack located at the center of Burliuk's composition and by how much space the boat itself occupies--seemingly the width of the river. The watercolor is drawn in a neo-primitive style,…
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