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Aerial panorama of Caledonia, NY was published by Burleigh Litho of Troy, NY. According to John William Reps, Lucien R. Burleigh was responsible—whether as artist or publisher—for some 228 lithographic city views (it is possible, even likely that the…

Seth Green--Trout Culture Portrait.jpeg
Frontispiece to Green's 1870 book on pisciculture

Trout Farm.png
From Seth Green's 1870 manual "Trout Culture" comes this layout for a series of ponds designed to hatch trout

Daly--Trout Fishing.jpg
Village of Mumford, NY is the location for this watercolor blending elements of natural and built environments
William Powell plays a city slicker trying to fake a knowledge of angling in Jack Conway's film

Hatchery 1909--front.jpg
Postcard shows the nationally recognized operation created by Seth Green in 1864 and eventually taken over as a state operation in 1875. Despite this source of funding, the hatchery still depended upon publicity--thus the sizable text both on its…
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