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Hall--Letchworth Sketch small.jpg
Executive Secretary of the American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society created map immediately following William P. Letchworth's gift of his Glen Iris estate to New York. It reflected "certain new drives designed to give greater accessibility…

Full title of the map is "Le Canada, ou Nouvelle France, la Floride, la Virginie, Pensilvanie, Caroline, Nouvelle Angleterre et Nouvelle Yorck, l'Isle de Terre Neuve, la Louisiane, et le cours de la riviere de Misisipi." The title turns out to be…

Picture-taking 1.jpg
Part of Kodak's "picture-taking spot" series, tourist map identifies twenty scenic viewpoints for visitors, each of which was marked with an on-site marker. Often, there are explicit instructions as to composition: "When you photograph falls, include…

Indian Episodes--small.jpg
Profusely illustrated historical map of important Native American locations, persons, events, practices, and legends. Even the most catastrophic aspects of colonial contact, like the Sullivan Campaign of 1779 and the Buffalo Treaty of 1838, are…

F. W. Beers map shows streams, roads & railroads, subdivisions, schools & school districts, and principal landowners. The image resolution is intended for web viewing rather than reproduction.

"New Century Atlas" map shows streams, streets & railroads, canals, schools, major landholders, and (in red) the names of larger farms. Also included is the nearby reservation of Canawaugus. The image resolution is intended for web viewing rather…

Two overlapping life-routes depict the President's journey from Hodginsville, KY to Washington, DC, and the return trip back to Springfield, IL by funeral train. After stops in New York City and Albany, it passed through upstate New York en route to…

In addition to canals, color-coded map shows railroads in operation, under construction, and proposed.

Early map of area settlement shows mills, principal roads, churches, etc.

1829 map depicts at bottom center the primary water access to Genesee Valley from Lake Ontario, via Irondequoit Bay (here mislabeled as "Teoronto"). Nearby was the early colonial settlement of Tryon. At top center, a ferry route is indicated across…
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