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Lower Falls.jpg
Artist's sketch to accompany Mrs. E. M. Omsted's poem "The Lower Falls of the Upper Genesee at Midnight" in a collection entitled "Voices of the Glen"

Lower Falls - Sugar Loaf - Stereoviews - 13.jpeg
A stereoview card featuring the Sugar Loaf Rock at Letchworth State Park, New York. There has been debate about the name, some call this rock The Cathedral Rock. On back of card: Sugar Loaf Rock - 30 feet high, near 3d Falls.

Scenic view of waterfall near Glen Iris Inn, located in present-day Letchworth State Park, accompanied W. S. Ward's essay "The Valley of the Genesee."

Letchworth Cover.jpg
Mini-postcard album features ten views of the local attraction: Middle Falls, Mt. Morris Dam, Letchworth State Park Museum, Upper Falls, Glen Iris Inn, Statue of Mary Jemison, Inspiration Point, the "Scenic Gorge of the Genesee River," Lower Falls,…
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