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From a vantage point looking westward, we see the town of approximately 3,000 about a century after its first settlers began arriving following the 1797 Big Tree treaty. Incorporated in 1814, Perry initially was an agricultural area that increasingly…

Hand-colored postcard shows Genesee River Gorge from Inspiration Point, also featuring at left the Genesee Valley Canal and in the distance the Erie Railroad's Portage viaduct.

Genesee Gorge Series No. 19

Focal point of Glen Iris area features Erie Canal viaduct in background. Photograph is notable for the Middle Falls Overlook, visible at the right side of falls, indicating a date prior to 1915.

Genesee Gorge Series: No. 11

Hand-colored postcard depicts the Upper Falls of Genese River near Portage. Usually shown with the Erie Railroad bridge, this view focuses upon the falls themselves, looking downstream.

Genesee Gorge Series: No. 22

Hand-colored postcard shows the iconic iron viaduct built in 1875 after a fire destroyed the original wooden bridge earlier that year.

Genesee Gorge Series: No. 23

Mount Morris Dam - No2 - Front.jpeg
Handcolored illustration of Mount Morris Dam appears on the front of the postcard. No back to card.

Letchworth Cover.jpg
Mini-postcard album features ten views of the local attraction: Middle Falls, Mt. Morris Dam, Letchworth State Park Museum, Upper Falls, Glen Iris Inn, Statue of Mary Jemison, Inspiration Point, the "Scenic Gorge of the Genesee River," Lower Falls,…

Replica of a structure built in 1874 by William Pryor Letchworth, who also supplied students with books and a melodeon. The school was used for 60 years, then torn down in 1947 before this replica was built forty years later.

Following a tradition of memorial trees planted by William Pryor Letchworth, a planting program began in 1912. The four photos here are from blocks 1, 17, 18, and 42--all located near Inspiration Point.

Small plot comprised early settlers' graves, some of which originally were located on the south lawn of the Glen Iris Inn and relocated by William Pryor Letchworth.
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