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2. Sacred Wine, Sacred Soil

Drawing of the Pleasant Valley Winery, located in New York State's Finger Lakes region

Engraving by Theo R. Davis of Pleasant Valley Winery during the grape harvest, featured in an 1872 issue of Harper's Weekly

An investigation of the depth of experience that exists in the Finger Lakes wine story is one avenue towards establishing a sense of "place" in the region. The wine industry is truly an integral piece of the identity of the Finger Lakes, and it interacts with the natural environment of the region closely. Vintners from throughout the region are dedicated to defending the nature that surrounds them and enables them to exercise their livelihood.

This 1872 wood engraving of a Hammondsport vineyard poignantly demonstrates the nearly two-century connection of the pristine environment of the Finger Lakes to viticulture. Exceptionally detailed, and slightly romantic in its depiction, workers are shown harvesting grapes in front of an incredible view of the southern tip of Keuka Lake. The carving powerfully displays the vineyard as an organic member of the hills surrounding the lake--it belongs there. Indeed, that is a collective feeling of the Finger Lakes community, that the wine industry is an integral member of their beautiful home.